Our accommodation system allows us to fully automate process of your hotels and transfers booking.
Please take a moment to read the steps below.


1. Team manager/coordinator details

At the beginning we require contact details of person that organise your trip and preferably will accompany you at the championships.
This will allow us to always stay in touch.

2. Team members details

We require your team full names, this will be a base for hotels list, entry fees and for starting lists.

3. Flight arrivals/departures

To properly plan logistic we require that you fill in a form with your flights departures and arrivals.
If you haven't booked flights yet you may complete this step later.
In this step you can also opt in for TRANSPORTATION from and to the airport. Prices are given in the airport dropdown.

* BZG 45 euro per person/ round trip. or 22,5 euro each way/person
* GDN 75 euro per person/round trip or 37,5 euro each way/person
* WAW 80 euro per person/round trip or 40 euro each way/person

4. Hotel booking

Choose your hotel and fill in the form where you state how many rooms of given type you require each day.

5. Allocate team to rooms

Drag and drop team members to allocate them in rooms.

6. Generate invoices

If you are certain that you finished whole process you can now generate invoices alternatively you have 7 days to make changes to your reservation without generating invoice.

6. Entry fees

Around beginning of February we will add another tab with possibility to pay the entry fee. Once it will be online we will notify you via email.

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