Invitation letter

Dear Friends,

Warmest greetings from the Polish Fencing Federation!

With great joy on behalf of the Management Board of the Polish Fencing Federation and own behalf, I would like to welcome all participants on Cadet and Junior World Championships in fencing in Torun 2019. In particular, I welcome all the fencing, coaches, referees and activists of the International Fencing Federation. I also welcome the fans of fencing gathered in the audience.

I am very glad that the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Torun gained approval of all members of the FIE, and gathered in this place such a large group of people. Championships taking place today is thanks to the enormous commitment of all people working in the preparation of the event, organizers, activists and volunteers.

No less value is given us support and hospitality of the authorities of Torun and the possibility of organizing in this city Cadet and Junior World Championships in fencing. For its part, I hope that this great cooperation will be able to be continued in future years.

Many thanks will also be given to the sponsors and partners of this tournament, who are supportive of the organizers. Without their lecture, it would be difficult to maintain the organization of this event at such a high level.

President of The Polish Fencing Federation
Adam Konopka

  1. Toruń: The City
  2. The Official Schedule
  3. The Competition
  4. Accommodation
  5. Transportation plan
  6. Entry fees and visa support
  7. Contacts

Le Directoire Technique The Technical Direction

1. Toruń: the City General Informations


Toruń has 182 725 permanent residents, while the number of people registered as temporary residents is 6 052 (as of 30 September 2018). Among the residents of Toruń, 54 % are women and 46 % are men.


The main language spoken in Poland is Polish. You can also communicate in English, German and Russian.


The age of majority is 18 years in all European Union Member States.


The authorisation for minors is to be downloaded from the FIE website: - sample of authorisation for minors.


Smoking: generally it is forbidden to smoke in public places such as railways stations, airports, department stores, shops, any forms of public transportation (except separate places for smokers in trains), cinemas, waiting rooms, bus stops, banks and all places of a similar public nature. Any violation of the above restrictions can lead to a fine or ejection from the premises by security, or both. Smoking is allowed in restaurants, summer gardens, pubs and clubs if not marked no smoking zone.

Alcohol: drinking alcohol (including beer) is forbidden in public places except special areas in restaurant summer gardens. Drinking is strictly prohibited in parks, the surroundings of night shops and railways stations. We advise you strongly to respect these regulations.


The climate is affected by the location of the city and is characterized by high changeability caused by the clashing of continental air masses coming from the east and oceanic air masses from the west. The warmest months in Toruń are July, August and June. The coldest months are January and February, when the average temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius. The mean annual temperature for the city is approx. 7.9ºC. The sunniest months are May and August whereas the cloudiest months are November and December. The average temperature in April is around 15 degrees.


The nearest airports are:
Warsaw Chopin Airport – Toruń – Two and a half hour away
Warsaw Modlin Airport – Toruń – Two and a half hour away
Bydgoszcz Airport -Toruń – One hour away
Gdańsk Airport – Toruń – Two hours away

Toruń is situated at the crossroads of two important transport routes. Vital national and international roads run through the city:

  • A1 motorway (international road E75) from the south of Poland to Gdańsk.
  • road no. 10 from Warsaw to Szczecin
  • road no. 15 from Wrocław to Olsztyn and Mazury Lake District

The organiser of the mass public transport in Toruń is the City County of Toruń. All matters related to the issue of the public transport shall be handled by the Department for the Municipal Services of the City of Toruń, while the transport services for inhabitants is supplied by the Municipal Transport Authority in Toruń (Miejski Zakład Komunikacji w Toruńiu Sp. z o.o.) which belongs to the City. The network of the mass public transport consists of:

  • day and night tram lines
  • day and night bus lines

At the Miejski Zakład Komunikacji w Toruńiu website (mzk-Toruń.pl/wersja-angielska) you can find:

  • municipal public transport TIMETABLES
  • fares
  • general regulations
  • ticket sales outlets

From fixed phones:
999: Ambulance
998: Fire Brigade
997: Police
981: Road Assistance
986: Municipal Police

Using mobile phones: remember to dial the local code before the number, for example: 22 – 997 to call the police in Warsaw. Emergency calls from phone boxes are free of charge. If you do not know the local code, dial the general emergency number for mobile phones: 112. The operator will request the appropriate emergency unit. We recommend using direct emergency numbers in the case of danger (997, 999, 998) because in some areas the general emergency number (112) still does not work properly.


Poland is a member state of the European Union but the euro zone stretches beyond its western and southern borders. So the country has its own currency, zloty, which is the nation’s legal tender. Nevertheless some establishments, notably hypermarkets, accept payments in euros. Zloty can be abbreviated to zl though PLN, the international symbol of the Polish currency, is widely used in Poland as well.
Polish currency is fully convertible, its rate of exchange depending on the money market.


Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted for goods and services. The only time you may experience a problem is at small establishments or for a very small transaction. American Express cards are usually accepted at larger hotels and restaurants, though they are not as widely recognised as other cards.


Poland Time: Central European Time (CET). Toruń Poland Time is in the Central European Time Zone. Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).


The voltage of electricity in Poland is 230V. In Poland the power plugs and sockets are of type E. Type E: this type is of French origin. This socket also works with plug C and with plug F if it has an additional pinhole.

2. Junior and Cadets World Fencing Championships: The Official Schedule

April 6 Junior Women’s Sabre individual
Junior Men’s Sabre individual
April 7 Cadet Women’s Sabre individual
Cadet Men’s Sabre individual
April 8 Junior Women’s Sabre Teams
Junior Men’s Sabre Teams
April 9 Junior Women’s Foil Individual
Junior Men’s Foil Individual
April 10 Cadet Women’s Foil Individual
Cadet Men’s Foil Individual
April 11 Junior Women’s Foil team
Junior Men’s Foil team
April 12 Junior Women’s Epee individual
Junior Men’s Epee individual
April 13 Cadet Women’s Epee individual
Cadet Men’s Epee individual
April 14 Junior Women’s Epee Teams
Junior Men’s Epee Teams

3. The Competition

The World Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships will be organized by the Polish Fencing Federation with the support of the Organizing Committee for World cadets and juniors Fencing Championships and the mayor of the City of Toruń, under the auspices and authority of the International Fencing Federation (F.I.E.). The competition will be held in Arena Toruń. Venue address is st. Gen. J. Bema 73-89, 87-100 Toruń.

Training hall is located near the Arena Toruń. The address of the training hall is st. Szosa Chełmińska 75 B Toruń.

4. Accommodation

All the information about official hotels can be found on the official website of the World Fencing Championships Junior and Cadets Toruń 2019: Booking rooms consists of filling out the form on the website

Our accommodation system allows us to fully automate process of your hotels and transfers booking. Please take a moment to read the steps below.


  1. Team manager/coordinator details
    At the beginning we require contact details of person that organise your trip and preferably will accompany you at the championships.
    This will allow us to always stay in touch.
  2. Team members details
    We require your team full names, this will be a base for hotels list and entry fees.
  3. Flight arrivals/departures
    To properly plan logistic we require that you fill in a form with your flights departures and arrivals. If you haven't booked flights yet you may complete this step later.
    In this step you can also opt in for TRANSPORTATION from and to the airport. Prices are given in the airport dropdown.
  4. Hotel booking
    Choose your hotel and fill in the form where you state how many rooms of given type you require each day.
  5. Allocate team to rooms
    Drag and drop team members to allocate them in rooms.
  6. Generate invoices
    If you are certain that you finished whole process you can now generate invoices alternatively you have 7 days to make changes to your reservation without generating invoice.

5. Transportation Plan

Shuttle from the official hotels to the competion venue (Arena Toruń): The Organizing Committee has set up a connection service between the affiliated hotels that will host the participating delegations and the competition venue (Arena Toruń). The exact schedule will be fixed in accordance with the competition program, in compliance with the required standards, however guaranteeing the arrival of the athletes at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the call on the piste. All the general details, the bus lines and the final departure times will always be available at the info points at the hotels reception desk and at the competition venue. A way back service at scheduled times will also be guaranteed, according to the program. The service is free for all athletes competing and their staff.

External transport includes the route from the following airports: Warsaw Chopin Airport, Warsaw Modlin Airport, Bydgoszcz Airport, Gdańsk Airport to Toruń, and from Toruń to the abovementioned airports. All the informations can be found on checking the official website of the World Fencing Championships Junior and Cadets:

Warsaw Chopin Airport – Toruń – Two and a half hour away
Warsaw Modlin Airport – Toruń – Two and a half hour away
Bydgoszcz Airport -Toruń – One hour away
Gdańsk Airport – Toruń – Two hours away

6. Entry fee and visa support

Payment of entry fee consists of filling out the form on the website
Individual Competitions - 55 Euro
Team Competitions - 140 Euro

Bank transfer details:

87-100 TORUŃ
NIP: 956-10-44-502

Account number: 33 1090 1506 0000 0001 2100 8248

Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Ul. Jana Pawła II 17
00-854 Warszawa
IBAN: PL 33 1090 1506 0000 0001 2100 8248
Dear official delegations, in order to obtain a visa, fill the Visa application form ( After filling the form SAVE and SEND to: [email protected] We kindly ask You accurately to fill each field of online application form in order to avoid any problems of issuing VISA
DEADLINE for receiving VISA application form – 15th March 2019. Additional: please also send passport copy of each participant and photo (JPG. Format) on the above mentioned mail address.

7. Contacts

Jarosław Hausman

Marta Kuprasz
[email protected]

Irena Mierzecka, Alicja Malinowska
[email protected]

Hubert Malinowski
[email protected]

Michał Sula
[email protected]

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